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Welcome to Choose Your Own Madness!

Another Interactive Comic. Stuff to know: 1. Post what you want the main character to do. 2. This is a bit more serious. Your guy can actually die. Forever. Loose three characters and the comic shuts down. 3. I'll do anything really. If the situation permits, and it's not creating things out of mid-air, I'll let you do anything. 4. Your actions are your own. If you mess up, I won't give you a plot device every time you do it. I'll mainly do it if you were being good and accidentally messed up in the progress. 5. If you make constantly stupid choices, I will stop taking your requests and may ban you from posting. If you wish to understand what an item is or does, type "help ____" And you will be given an in-comic explanation what the character knows. If some people ask, I'll post a mental map your character has made on a separate page. If you want to command someone if you gain any party members, you cannot control them, only tell them what to do. You are not in control of the world around you, and can only control your characters actions.

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July 24th, 2011, 6:02 pm


Now I know I don't make any news posts. But I want to make this clear. I am resigning from Sprite comics. It will happen officially either in four months form today, or when survive 2 ends. Either way, this comic is getting shut down now. All my plans will die. Because I will now let a hobby turn into a job because my friends want me to. Once I either am evicted or the tournament ends, I will never make a comic again. Sorry for disappointing anyone. Goodbye.

~Have a Good Time
- Zenik W. Tyialo

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